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William Shakespeare

Figura 1 - William Shakespeare

In 2016 the world commemorates 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare! 

This special anniversary celebrates the lasting legacy of one of the world's greatest playwright. 

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Despite there being no record of Shakespeare’s birth, the record of his christening gives evidence of a date, as most Christenings used to take place three days after birth. 

The baptismal register of the Holy Trinity parish church, in Stratford, shows the entry for April 26, 1564: Gulielmus filius Johannes Shakespeare. 

The actual date of Shakespeare's birth will remain a mystery, but, traditionally, April 23, St George's Day, is referred to as the date of Shakespeare's birthday. This means that William is supposed to have died on his birthday!

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William Shakespeare is believed to have been born in the house on Henley Street, in Stratford-upon-Avon. The context of his life surely influenced his writing, for having been born during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who had recently converted England to Protestantism, surely made good material for his work. Shakespeare’s parents had been Catholics, and the tension between the new and old religions is mirrored in much of his work. 

Shakespeare is one of England’s most celebrated playwright and poet. His works have been translated into 80 languages. He has helped shape the English language as we use it today, having introducing up to 3000 words and dozens of well-known phrases.

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His plays are renowned around the world for their universal themes and deep insight into the human condition. He eloquently expressed the good and bad of the human spirit…

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