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Big Ben

Fig. 1 - Big Ben

Big Ben is the name of the great clock bell, which was installed in the Palace of Westminster during the administration of Sir Benjamin Hall, Minister of England, responsible for public works and buildings in 1859.

The origin of the name Big Ben is rather controversial, however,  many agree it owes its name precisely to Sir Benjamin Hall, the first commissioner of works, a large man who was affectionately known as "Big Ben".

Having been destroyed by a great fire in 1834, the Palace of Westminster was rebuilt. Authorities decided that the new buildings for the Houses of Parliament would include alongside  a majestic tower and a clock. 

Fig. 2 

Although the term Big Ben is also used to refer to the clock tower where the bell is located, the House of Commons announced that the clock tower was to be renamed the Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.

Before being renamed, the tower was  simply and commonly known as  the "Clock Tower"…

Fig. 3

Big Ben in numbers…
Each dial is seven metres in diameter;
The minute hands are 4.2 metres long and weigh about 100kg;
The numbers are about 60cm tall;
There are 312 pieces of glass in each clock dial;
A special light above the clock is illuminated when parliament is in session!

Fig. 4

Big Ben is one of London’s most famous landmarks and attractions, it has rarely stopped. Even after a bomb destroyed the Commons chamber during the Second World War, the clock tower survived and Big Ben continued to strike the hours. It stands proudly on the bank of the River Thames and stands for British heritage and pride.

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